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    by Abe Beame

    I don’t really care for Big Sean (though I did a totally unprepared/unfamiliar interview with him once, and he seemed like a nice dude, but kinda boring and reallllly comfortable making vague, unenthused boasts about how ill he is as a rapper) but the way this paragraph intersects with Games of Thrones hype was kinda fun:

    Kanye West allegedly carries a grudge towards Drake and his producer 40 for — in his mind– borrowing as liberally from his repertoire as Sean has outright stole from Drake. Perhaps Finally Famous is Kanye’s Machiavellian attempt to flood the mainstream with a particular sound in order to dilute that sound and hasten the upstart’s demise. Perhaps this is a nihilistic wager culminating in a champagne toast on the shore of a tropical island, as Kanye and Plain Pat laugh at the ease with which the sheep can be herded, playing Jehovah and the Adversary to the Roc Marciano diehard’s Job. Perhaps Kanye is showing the world the strings tugging a cynical pop formula. Or maybe it’s all just a satiric farce executed on such a high level that its primary author isn’t even aware of what he’s perpetrating. It all begs the question: Is Big Sean merely a pawn in an epic game of thrones? And how can he call himself Big Sean when he’s only 5’5.

    Didn’t someone make the same argument about auto-tune and how ‘Ye handled 808’s & Heartbreak”?

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    Didn’t someone make the same argument about auto-tune and how ‘Ye handled 808’s & Heartbreak”?
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