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    Fifteen years ago today, Mos Def released his debut album, Black on Both Sides.

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  3. You literally only said I look like that person because we are both black and have afros: An Autobiography


  4. Anonymous said: Justin Bieber was a child when he made those videos. I don't think he understood the full weight of what he was saying.



    • Emmett Till was 14 when he was mutilated and murdered for flirting with a white woman, his killers acquitted. 
    • George Stinney was 14 when he was executed via electric chair, for allegedly killing two white girls. There was no evidence and the all white-jury took 10 mins to declare him guilty.
    • Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when he was stalked and killed by a man with a history of violence towards others. His murderer was acquitted. 
    • Jordan Davis was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by an entitled white man over loud music. He was later found guilty for attempted murder.

    Racism and white supremacy are literally killing black children, but Justin Bieber gets a pass because he was 15-17 when he decided to record his racist “jokes”???




  5. "With my newspaper’s offices right around the corner from the Apollo Theater in Harlem, I knew the neighborhood was set to explode once the news of his passing spread. We were immediately bombarded with calls from around the world asking if we were going to do a special issue on Michael like we did for the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama. Make shift memorials emerged in front of the Apollo. Tourists from Italy, France, England, Germany and Japan, who were in New York, came to pay their respects. Impersonators showed up. Vendors were selling bootleg MJ t-shirts, DVDs, CDs and umbrellas (Yes, Umbrellas)."
  6. Created a playlist of ’90s Dance Hits on my phone and used a still from a You Tube clip of MTV’s The Grind from 1995. Yeah, I know. And I don’t care.

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    June, 1991


  8. New Tumblr Alert. Must follow.

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    1. When I introduce myself to people who are vaguely aware that I sometimes get paid to write content for the Internet, I have taken to introducing myself as “The Internet’s Nelly Expert,” owing to the fact that I wrote two 1500-word plus thinkpieces about him last year, and also that’s…

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    BACK IN THE DAY |5/29/95| TLC released the single, Waterfalls, from their album, CrazySexyCool.