1. grungebook:

    On Facebook, former Gits drummer Steve Moriarty has called for a boycott of NBC related to an upcoming show concerning the brutal rape and murder of Gits singer Mia Zapata:

    NBC’s True Crime in the Dark* (or something equally as tasteless) series, recently filmed a reenactment of the murder of our friend Mia Zapata. They used actors and canned music. I tried to have civil and logical conversations with the producers of the show, however, NBC did not think that using The Gits music or film footage of Mia playing live was worth paying customary and fair licensing fees as established by ASCAP, BMI and the recording Industry.
    There is nothing artistic, musical or positive about the re-telling of Mia’s brutal death. Nothing except a cheap way for NBC to sell ads for a younger, hipper demographic which the network desperately needs. 

    The piece will air in June and does not have the endorsement of any of the band, Mia’s family or immediate friends. It is simply, Gitsploitation and I suggest local business refrain from advertising products and services on NBC during the month of the one hour episode of “murder in the dark”. (Or whatever the title) featuring The murder of Mia and the city of Seattle.

    *The series actually is called Dead of Night. More info here.

    (Photo of Mia Zapata via the official Gits site)


  2. christianam:

    I have a few thoughts on Kanye’s recent press run, then I’ll leave you all to get on with your day. I think before we examine Kanye’s current state, it’s important to look at what he’s said in the past about himself.

    "We ain’t retards the way teachers thought…Now tell my momma I belong in the…

    As one of Kanye’s biggest fans, this hits the nail on the head so well.


  4. "

    "Lustig primarily managed alternative rockers, who broke out after the mainstream success of Nirvana in 1991. He remembers the moment he saw the expiration date coming for his kind of music: At a party in 1998, he says, “I ran into this publishing exec, who said to me, ‘Boy, I’ve never been so happy to see the end of alternative rock. I love Britney Spears and the Spice Girls!’" According to Lustig, the “punk rock ethos” of alterna rockers alienated and annoyed most music execs. "The labels were happy to trade these difficult, confronting, and aggro children for actual, malleable kids, who were often managed by their parents," he says. "I mean, why struggle to sell challenging, interesting music when you can churn out banal, cookie-cutter, factory-written pop? You can blame this attitude for the shift from artists to performers that still dominates pop music today.”


    - Mary Kaye Schilling writing about 1998 and it’s affect on the music industry for Vulture

  5. upnorthtrips:

    15 YEARS AGO TODAY |11/10/98| Pete Rock released his solo debut, Soul Survivor, on Loud Records.

  6. I’m cool with 808s & Heartbreaks and I’m “ehhh” with Yeezus, but Kanye’s still one of my favorite artists ever because of these 4 albums alone.


  7. "It’s not that white and black cultures should not interact, or that musicians should not look outside their frame of existence for inspiration. But Arcade Fire’s primal, tribal, magical marketing only serves to reinforce white society’s narrow view of the black experience as such, by presenting it as creative reinvigoration to last a single album cycle. A vacation."
    — Jordan Darville on Reflektor. An album I personally found problematic (and highly listenable). This is a really great, specific critique of the album and rollout. The amazing part about the whole thing is, if you didn’t think there was a problem with this Arcade Fire album, just read the comments on this piece. (via bmichael)
  8. allisonweiss:

    I learned so much from this guy. Legendary for a reason.

    RIP Lou Reed. <3

  9. flavorpill:

    In Praise of Pearl Jams Massively Popular Yet Totally Underrated ‘Vs’

    "I can remember the poster perfectly, because for a while in the early 1990s you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it up on someone’s wall. It was an evocative black-and-white shot of a young Eddie Vedder, clad in shorts, mic in hand, climbing onto a monitor, against a backdrop of an apparently endless crowd. Across the bottom was the wording “Pearl Jam,Vs. — Fastest Selling Album Ever.” These days, you can’t even find it on the Internet (although you can see the photo below). You certainly don’t see it on walls anymore — I guess most copies got torn down as adolescence gave way to adulthood, and maybe some are still gathering dust in garages and attics the world over. The past doesn’t change, but the way we look at it does. Twenty years makes a hell of a difference, I guess — because Vs. came out 20 years ago tomorrow.”

    FULL ARTICLE on Flavorwire


  10. "All music videos wind up looking stupid 20 years later; what matters is how a particular video felt at the time it was popular, and “Jeremy” undoubtedly made Pearl Jam seem like the most important rock band on MTV."